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Analysis of Parish Questionnaire Responses

Coates Parish Council have been considering whether to compile a Neighbourhood Development Plan since October 2016. Before embarking on this resource intensive activity, the Parish Council needed to understand parishioners’ attitudes to development and how they wanted their parish to change over the coming decade. In conjunction with a community outreach event in April 2018, parishioners were asked to complete questionnaires on these subjects.

The questionnaire analysis reveals that respondents were happy with Coates as a place. They felt safe in the parish and were generally satisfied with the facilities and services that are currently provided. Few people want Coates to change much over the coming decade. Any development should be limited to a small development of mostly affordable housing if it is to receive approval from all but a few respondents. Respondents want Coates in 10 years’ time to be little changed but that it is a lively, thriving village that appeals to younger people. There were however a number of things that the majority of respondents were enthusiastic about, to learn about these and to see the full questionnaire analysis clink on the link report