Trees, Trees and more Trees

Here is something to try and lift our spirits in these difficult times and bring hope for the future.

From the germ of an idea to plant a tree for every resident of Coates as part of the green agenda to combat global warming, the Coates Tree Warden, Simon Large has been working to secure a supply of trees.  He now has around 450 tree whips delivered and currently heeled in at Quaker barn and are ready for planting in their permanent homes, together with canes and rabbit guards. The trees are around 300-400mm high (pretty small) and they have been donated by the Woodland Trust to offset cardon dioxide and the Cotswold Conservation Board (AONB) to combat Ash die-back .

The Parish Council and Lord Bathurst, both of whom are very supportive of this initiative, have decided upon a number of locations on either council owned or publicly accessible Estate land, to plant trees this planting season. Final locations to be confirmed at the Parish Council meeting on 1st March. The chosen locations around the village are listed on the village notice board (at the entrance to May Tree Close) and on some basic plans.

Our Tree Warden Simon says:

“450 trees may sound a lot, and is not quite one for every resident, but having personally planted over 500 trees at Quaker barn it is a small drop in the ocean of the potential tree planting locations within the Parish and not an enormous task.   I hope to be able to secure more free trees for future phases of planting in years to come. My target is more like 10 trees for every resident!, I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE”

Do you want to help? –  Yes please planting volunteers needed.

Where can I fit into this initiative?

Planting and future maintenance of the trees needs to start right now as the season for planting this year is between now and the end of March EVERYONE welcome from 2 to 102 years old.   Please contact me at 07714220558  To confirm your interest  in taking part in a first socially distanced tree  planting session at

 10am on Sunday 7th March  meet at Quaker barn