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We remember 1918

(if anyone is interested in taking part in the human poppy please contact Claire Wardell using contact information below) 

This November marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War – the war to end all wars.  

The Cirencester Community Development Trust in collaboration with the Barn Theatre Project at Ingleside are keen to commemorate the end of the First World War on Sunday 11th November 2018 in a unique and memorable way.  This project is called ‘We remember 1918‘.

The plan is to create a human poppy in Cirencester Market Place and extending into and down Cricklade Street .  We are hoping to start creating the human poppy at 2.00pm (which will allow people to have lunch and get to Cirencester in good time) by the building of a human poppy in the Market Place The market place will be turned into a huge amphitheatre for the day with all the shops, businesses and residents opening their doors, holding parties with family and friends.

The poppy would comprise of men & women to represent each of the fallen, both in Cirencester and the rest of the Cotswolds.

All the Cirencester men would wear black ponchos to form the centre if the poppy. They will congregate in the middle of the market place

All the men from surrounding villages will be dressed in red ponchos. They will form the petals of the poppy.

We would also like to add the element of young to middle aged women to symbolise the wives, mothers, sweethearts and children. They will be dressed in green ponchos. They will form the stalk which will flow down Dyer Street.

Kindest Regards

 Claire Wardell

07834 358685

Twitter @CirenCommunity

Rural Housing Survey

We had some interesting results from a survey jointly run by RSN, Rural England CIC and CCRI last year on issues that concern rural residents with, not surprisingly, health services being most of concern to rural residents.  This year our survey focuses on Rural Housing and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to complete the survey:

We are particularly interested in the views of the under 40’s as these were under-represented on our previous survey so if you know of any relevant groups you could forward it to, please take the time to do so!

We are working hard with the CCRI to develop a Rural Panel which will be truly representational of those in rural areas and this survey will hopefully help to boost the panel numbers from younger groups as part of it asks if you would like to be involved in further work and receive surveys as part of the rural panel.  This Rural Panel will help us to gather rural viewpoint to help us in our mission of being a voice for rural services and represent the views of rural residents in Parliament.

Complete the survey here


Community Wellbeing Service in the Cotswolds.

For more information see leaflet

Fiona Walker has set up the Cotswold Local Information Group on Facebook, she comments:

Village newsletters and websites are a superb resource – now, for anyone interested in connecting with the wider Cotswold area in just one click, there’s a new non-commercial, non-advertising public Facebook group called Cotswold Local Information Group. You might want to find out about a particular pub, or set of roadworks, or one-off event or all sorts of things which aren’t immediately on your doorstep. Four keywords: Ask, Advise, Chat, Recommend.   Locals and visitors to the Cotswolds are all welcome to join and contribute … visit & join up. The more members the merrier!