Parish Council

The job of the parish council is to consider and represent the interests of the Coates community. The council receives and manages annual funding which is raised, and distributed, through the Cotswold District Council Tax.

The parish council comprises 7 elected councillors, and a clerk. Councillors are normally elected every 4 years to represent the Parish.  The last election was held in May 2019.

The parish council meets approximately 6 times per year.  All meetings are open to the public to attend.

From this page you can:

  • find information, including contact details, for the Coates parish councillors
  • access documents which govern how the council is managed
  • view a schedule of meetings and minutes from those meetings
  • click links to access the Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council websites

Coates parish is represented within the Kemble ward of the Cotswold District Council.

The parish council works for the benefit of the whole village. If you have something you’d like to discuss with the council please contact the clerk to the council using the form below. Alternatively if you’d like to discuss something with an individual councillor their contact details can be found via the Parish Councillors helpful link.

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