Policy Documents

These are the Policy Documents that guide the way in which the parish council operates.  Printed copies of any of these documents are available on request to the clerk to the parish council at a cost of 20 pence per printed page (+postage if applicable).

The policies are currently being reviewed.  The updated policies are below.

Asset register (2022)

Code of Conduct (2022)  

Data Retention Policy (2022)

Disciplinary & Grievance policy (2022)  

Financial Regulations (2022)  

General Reserve Policy (2022)

Privacy Policy (2022) 

Publication Scheme (2022)

Risk Management Policy (2022)

The policies below are still in the process of being reviewed.

Coates PC Health & Safety Policy (2021)

Coates PC Standing Orders (2021) 

Internal Privacy Notice (2019) (for staff, councillors and role holders)