Village Hall News


Located adjacent to the village hall car park and village hall is the textile recycling bank where villagers can deposit clothing, shoes, soft toys, sheets etc in paper or plastic bags.

This is monitored and emptied periodically, weighed and converted to funds for the village hall which are used for ongoing improvements and upgrades.

The introduction of the textile bank a few years ago is proving environmentally friendly and a solid fundraiser . It is well supported by the village and beyond.

Approximately £500 is raised each year which goes towards ongoing upgrades of Coates Village Hall for the benefit of the community.


The village hall has  a new kitchen

The new kitchen, a longstanding and much wished for improvement to the village hall facilities, is now a reality.

We are indebted to Gloucestershire County Council and Cotswold District Council for the grants they awarded from their ‘Growing Our Communities’ fund (GCC) and ‘Community Project Fund’ (CDC). Both of these funds support projects and activities that will make a positive difference to local communities. The Coates village hall trustees thank our councillors Stephen Hirst (GCC) and Tony Berry (CDC) for supporting the respective grant applications.

We are also grateful to Coates Parish Council for providing a grant to support the project.

With these grants, together with our own fund raising efforts and with specific donations from Coates community organisations and individuals, we have transformed the old kitchen into a first-rate and functional new one. The old kitchen was gutted and then extended by local builder Paul Beard and his team with new workbench and units, fridge/freezer, double ovens and a commercial dishwasher (washes loads in 2 – 4 minutes), heater (for the winter), ventilation and flooring installed.

Thanks are extended to all who have worked towards achieving this goal for the village hall, the social hub of Coates community. Particular thanks to Simon Johnson who did a great job installing the plumbing, Jan Edmonds, Phil Griffiths, Shelagh and Anthony Harrison who worked tirelessly on many aspects of the upgrade.

The whole community is now benefitting from a new kitchen and enjoying the improved facilities. The kitchen is available for use for parties, celebrations and other functions.


If you are interested in raising money for the Village Hall with minimal effort, the hall is now registered with so when you buy online a small percentage of the purchase can be directed to the hall. All you have to do is:

1.  Go to and create your account (only your name, email address, and a password)
2.  Then go to the ‘search for a cause’ box and enter ‘COATES VILLAGE HALL’
3.  A number of causes with the word ‘Village’ of ‘Hall’ will appear – simply clickin the box alongside the words COATES VILLAGE HALL to register this as your cause
4. Then, when you wish to make an online purchase, go to theeasyfundraising site and enter the name of the retailer you wish to purchase from. 

5.  Click through to the retailer and make your purchase – you’ll pay the same but a ‘commission’ will be paid to the Hall. Simples!